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How much attention were you paying to world events in 2021?

A lot can happen in a year – we’ve had a new US president, ABBA have returned, Kanye and Kim split, and Leicester won the FA Cup for the first time.

Take the Readly magazine and newspaper app quiz of the year to see how well read you are this year in the worlds of sports, politics, entertainment, celebrities, and tech.

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Which tennis Grand Slam did Emma Raducanu win, becoming the first British women to do so for 44 years?
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What was the name of the ill-fated new league some top European football sides tried to introduce in April?
Question 3 of 20
Sport and fitness was amongst the most read categories on Readly this year, did you keep up? If so, what medal did skateboarder Sky Brown win at the Tokyo Olympics?
Question 4 of 20
From which team did Cristiano Ronaldo re-sign for Manchester United in August?
Question 5 of 20
Who presided over the COP26 climate change conference?
Question 6 of 20
Who replaced Matt Hancock as Health Secretary after he resigned in June?
Question 7 of 20
In November, Joe Biden temporarily placed someone else in control of the US presidency while he underwent a medical procedure – who was it?
Question 8 of 20
In November, Dominic Raab suggested Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s personality was similar to that of a cartoon character – who was it?
Question 9 of 20
In May, model Olly Eley became the first non-binary cover star for which popular magazine featured on Readly?
Question 10 of 20
The James Bond movie No Time to Die was finally released in October – when was it originally supposed to have come out?
Question 11 of 20
Adele featured on the November edition of Vogue, which was one of the most read titles on Readly in 2021. What was the name of her record-breaking album released that same month?
Question 12 of 20
Which movie won the Best Picture Oscar in 2021?
Question 13 of 20
Which celeb parents gave birth to Rose Opal Esmé this year?
Question 14 of 20
Which pop princess finally managed to have the conservatorship placed on her life revoked, in November?
Question 15 of 20
Which member of the original cast of Saved by the Bell sadly passed away in 2021?
Question 16 of 20
In February, Lady Gaga was subject to a shocking robbery, featured across many of the magazines and newspapers on the Readly app – what was stolen from her?
Question 17 of 20
Who will be providing the voice of Mario in the upcoming Super Mario Bros movie?
Question 18 of 20
As of March 2021, what was Apple’s estimated company worth, in dollars?
Question 19 of 20
Facebook announced they will be changing their name in the future – what to?
Question 20 of 20
210,000 magazines have been read 120 million times on the Readly app in 2021, but what was the most popular category for 2021?
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